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08 August 2013 ~ Comments Off Posted In: Personal

Hoping for some good news for once.

It truly has been ages since I’ve posted. My grandmother recently passed away and now it’s only matter of weeks, maybe days before we will also lose my aunt. It hasn’t been a good summer,that’s for sure. I’d look good news for once. I have a potential freelance gig with the Department of Education and landing that would surely be wonderful. It would be the first bit of good news I’ve received in a very long time.

Sure hope it happens…

11 October 2012 ~ Comments Off Posted In: Twitter

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-11

  • @NiceHaloGamer Yup. They check first to make sure tracks aren't offensive. Must have been deemed offensive. in reply to NiceHaloGamer #
  • I've officially given up on the Halo 4 remix contest. Best of luck to those whose tracks were actually accepted. #
  • So tracks that were uploaded 3 hours ago are already on the H4 remix site. I uploaded mine 5 days ago. Still not there. #
  • @missdoomcookie I'm hoping for a Chief vs Promethean Fight Club sort of thing. Love David Fincher. My favorite director. in reply to missdoomcookie #
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10 October 2012 ~ Comments Off Posted In: Twitter

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-10

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